RedHat Security Advisory RHSA-2009:1335

The remote host is missing updates announced in advisory RHSA-2009:1335. OpenSSL is a toolkit that implements the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL v2/v3) and Transport Layer Security (TLS v1) protocols, as well as a full-strength general purpose cryptography library. Datagram TLS (DTLS) is a protocol based on TLS that is capable of securing datagram transport (for example, UDP). Multiple denial of service flaws were discovered in OpenSSL's DTLS implementation. A remote attacker could use these flaws to cause a DTLS server to use excessive amounts of memory, or crash on an invalid memory access or NULL pointer dereference. (CVE-2009-1377, CVE-2009-1378, CVE-2009-1379, CVE-2009-1386, CVE-2009-1387) Note: These flaws only affect applications that use DTLS. Red Hat does not ship any DTLS client or server applications in Red Hat Enterprise Linux. An input validation flaw was found in the handling of the BMPString and UniversalString ASN1 string types in OpenSSL's ASN1_STRING_print_ex() function. An attacker could use this flaw to create a specially-crafted X.509 certificate that could cause applications using the affected function to crash when printing certificate contents. (CVE-2009-0590) Note: The affected function is rarely used. No application shipped with Red Hat Enterprise Linux calls this function, for example.
OpenSSL users should upgrade to these updated packages, which resolve these issues and add these enhancements. Please note that this update is available via Red Hat Network. To use Red Hat Network, launch the Red Hat Update Agent with the following command: up2date