RedHat Update for libguestfs RHSA-2012:0774-04

Please Install the Updated Packages.
libguestfs is a library for accessing and modifying guest disk images. It was found that editing files with virt-edit left said files in a world-readable state (and did not preserve the file owner or Security-Enhanced Linux context). If an administrator on the host used virt-edit to edit a file inside a guest, the file would be left with world-readable permissions. This could lead to unprivileged guest users accessing files they would otherwise be unable to. (CVE-2012-2690) These updated libguestfs packages include numerous bug fixes and enhancements. Space precludes documenting all of these changes in this advisory. Users are directed to the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.3 Technical Notes for information on the most significant of these changes. Users of libguestfs are advised to upgrade to these updated packages, which fix these issues and add these enhancements.
libguestfs on Red Hat Enterprise Linux Desktop (v. 6), Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server (v. 6), Red Hat Enterprise Linux Workstation (v. 6)