Slackware Advisory SSA:2006-114-01 mozilla security/EOL

The remote host is missing an update as announced via advisory SSA:2006-114-01.
New Mozilla packages are available for Slackware 10.0, 10.1, 10.2 and -current to fix multiple security issues. More details about the issues may be found here: Also note that this release marks the EOL (End Of Life) for the Mozilla Suite series. It's been a great run, so thanks to everyone who put in so much effort to make Mozilla a great browser suite. In the next Slackware release fans of the Mozilla Suite will be able to look forward to browsing with SeaMonkey, the Suite's successor. Anyone using an older version of Slackware may want to start thinking about migrating to another browser -- if not now, when the next problems with Mozilla are found. Although the 'sunset announcement' states that mozilla-1.7.13 is the final mozilla release, I wouldn't be too surprised to see just one more since there's a bug that needed to be patched here before Mozilla 1.7.13 would build. If a new release comes out and fixes only that issue, don't look for a package release on that as it's already fixed in these packages. If additional issues are fixed, then there will be new packages. Basically, if upstream un-EOLs this for a good reason, so will we.