SLES11: Security update for PHP5

The remote host is missing updates to packages that affect the security of your system. One or more of the following packages are affected: apache2-mod_php5 php5 php5-bcmath php5-bz2 php5-calendar php5-ctype php5-curl php5-dba php5-dbase php5-dom php5-exif php5-fastcgi php5-ftp php5-gd php5-gettext php5-gmp php5-hash php5-iconv php5-json php5-ldap php5-mbstring php5-mcrypt php5-mysql php5-odbc php5-openssl php5-pcntl php5-pdo php5-pear php5-pgsql php5-pspell php5-shmop php5-snmp php5-soap php5-suhosin php5-sysvmsg php5-sysvsem php5-sysvshm php5-tokenizer php5-wddx php5-xmlreader php5-xmlrpc php5-xmlwriter php5-xsl php5-zip php5-zlib More details may also be found by searching for the SuSE Enterprise Server 11 patch database located at
Please install the updates provided by SuSE.