SuSE Security Advisory SUSE-SA:2009:021 (kernel)

The remote host is missing updates announced in advisory SUSE-SA:2009:021.
Update your system with the packages as indicated in the referenced security advisory.
The Linux kernel was updated for SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 and openSUSE 11.1 fixing lots of bugs and some security issues. The kernel was also updated to the stable release. CVE-2009-1072: nfsd in the Linux kernel does not drop the CAP_MKNOD capability before handling a user request in a thread, which allows local users to create device nodes, as demonstrated on a filesystem that has been exported with the root_squash option. CVE-2009-0676: The sock_getsockopt function in net/core/sock.c in the Linux kernel does not initialize a certain structure member, which allows local users to obtain potentially sensitive information from kernel memory via an SO_BSDCOMPAT getsockopt request. The fix for this was previously incomplete. CVE-2009-0835: The __secure_computing function in kernel/seccomp.c in the seccomp subsystem in the Linux kernel on the x86_64 platform, when CONFIG_SECCOMP is enabled, does not properly handle (1) a 32-bit process making a 64-bit syscall or (2) a 64-bit process making a 32-bit syscall, which allows local users to bypass intended access restrictions via crafted syscalls that are misinterpreted as (a) stat or (b) chmod. The openSUSE 11.1 kernel was released before the easter weekend already.