SuSE Update for gpg SUSE-SA:2007:024

signature bypassing
Please Install the Updated Packages.
When printing a text stream with a GPG signature it was possible for an attacker to create a stream with &quot unsigned text, signed text&quot where both unsigned and signed text would be shown without distinction which one was signed and which part wasn't. This problem is tracked by the Mitre CVE ID CVE-2007-1263. The update introduces a new option --allow-multiple-messages to print out such messages in the future, by default it only prints and handles the first one. gpg2 and various clients using GPG to check digital signatures are affected too, but will be fixed separately.
gpg on SUSE LINUX 10.1, openSUSE 10.2, SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 8, SUSE SLES 9, Novell Linux Desktop 9, Open Enterprise Server, Novell Linux POS 9, SUSE SLED 10, SUSE SLES 10