SuSE Update for OpenOffice_org SUSE-SA:2010:017

remote code execution
Please Install the Updated Packages.
This update of OpenOffice_org includes fixes for the following vulnerabilities: - CVE-2009-0217: XML signature weakness - CVE-2009-2949: XPM Import Integer Overflow - CVE-2009-2950: GIF Import Heap Overflow - CVE-2009-3301: MS Word sprmTDefTable Memory Corruption - CVE-2009-3302: MS Word sprmTDefTable Memory Corruption - CVE-2010-0136: In the ooo-build variant of OpenOffice_org VBA Macro support does not honor Macro security settings. Please note that not all versions are affected by all bugs. On SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 SP2 and SP3 and SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 11 OpenOffice_org was updated to version 3.2. The changelog file of the RPM file will give you detailed information. Also released was the Novell Edition of for Windows,
OpenOffice_org on openSUSE 11.0, openSUSE 11.1, openSUSE 11.2