SuSE Update for openssl openSUSE-SU-2015:0130-1 (openssl)

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openssl was updated to 1.0.1k to fix various security issues and bugs. More information can be found in the openssl advisory: <a rel='nofollow' href=''> Following issues were fixed: * CVE-2014-3570 (bsc#912296): Bignum squaring (BN_sqr) may have produced incorrect results on some platforms, including x86_64. * CVE-2014-3571 (bsc#912294): Fixed crash in dtls1_get_record whilst in the listen state where you get two separate reads performed - one for the header and one for the body of the handshake record. * CVE-2014-3572 (bsc#912015): Don't accept a handshake using an ephemeral ECDH ciphersuites with the server key exchange message omitted. * CVE-2014-8275 (bsc#912018): Fixed various certificate fingerprint issues. * CVE-2015-0204 (bsc#912014): Only allow ephemeral RSA keys in export ciphersuites * CVE-2015-0205 (bsc#912293): A fixwas added to prevent use of DH client certificates without sending certificate verify message. * CVE-2015-0206 (bsc#912292): A memory leak was fixed in dtls1_buffer_record.
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