SuSE Update for php4,php5 SUSE-SA:2007:032

remote code execution
Please Install the Updated Packages.
Numerous numerous vulnerabilities have been fixed in PHP. Most of them were made public during the &quot Month of PHP Bugs&quot project by Stefan Esser and we thank Stefan for his reports. The vulnerabilities potentially lead to crashes, information leaks or even execution of malicious code. A lot of them are fixed in the last PHP security releases, 5.2.2 and 4.4.7. CVE-2007-0988 / MOPB-05-2007: A unserialize problem in the zend_hash_init function could be used for a denial of service attack. CVE-2007-1001: Multiple integer overflows in the GD library embedded in PHP could potentially be used to execute code via crafted Wireless Bitmap images. CVE-2007-1375 / MOPB-14-2007: An integer overflow in the substr_compare function allows context-dependend attackers to read out memory of the PHP interpreter. CVE-2007-1376 / MOPB-15-2007: The shmop function does not validate its arguments, allowing context-dependend attackers to read and write arbitrary memory locations. CVE-2007-1380 / MOPB-10-2007: The php_binary serialization handler in the session extension allows context-dependend attackers to obtain sensitive information via a buffer over-read. CVE-2007-1383 / MOPB-01-2007: An integer overflow in the 16 Bit reference counter in PHP4 allows context-dependend attackers to execute arbitrary code by causing a value to be destroyed twice. CVE-2007-1453 / MOPB-19-2007: A buffer underflow in the PHP_FILTER_TRIM_DEFAULT macro in the ext/filter extension allows context-dependend attackers to potentially execute arbitrary code. CVE-2007-1454 / MOPB-18-2007: The ext/filter extension in PHP when used with the FILTER_FLAG_STRIP_LOW flag does not properly strip HTML tags, allowing cross site scripting. CVE-2007-1460 / MOPB-20-2007: The zip:// URL wrapper provided by the PECL zip extension did not implement safemode or open_basedir checks, allowing attackers to read ZIP files outside of the intended directories. CVE-2007-1461 / MOPB-21-2007: The bzip2:// URL wrapper did not implement safemode or open_basedir checks, allowing attackers to read BZIP2 archives outside of the intended directories. CVE-2007-1484 / MOPB-24-2007: The array_user_key_compare function makes erroneous calls to zval_dt ... Description truncated, for more information please check the Reference URL
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