SuSE Update for pidgin openSUSE-SU-2013:0511-1 (pidgin)

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Pidgin was updated to 2.10.7 to fix various security issues and the bug that IRC did not work at all in 12.3. Changes: - Add pidgin-irc-sasl.patch: link irc module to SASL. Allows the IRC module to be loaded (bnc#806975). - Update to version 2.10.7 (bnc#804742): + Alien hatchery: - No changes + General: - The configure script will now exit with status 1 when specifying invalid protocol plugins using the --with-static-prpls and --with-dynamic-prpls arguments. ( + libpurple: - Fix a crash when receiving UPnP responses with abnormally long values. (CVE-2013-0274) - Don't link directly to libgcrypt when building with GnuTLS support. ( - Fix UPnP mappings on routers that return empty URLBase/ elements in their response. ( - Tcl plugin uses saner, race-free plugin loading. - Fix the Tcl signals-test plugin for savedstatus-changed. ( + Pidgin: - Make Pidgin more friendly to non-X11 GTK+, such as MacPorts' +no_x11 variant. + Gadu-Gadu: - Fix a crash at startup with large contact list. Avatar support for buddies will be disabled until 3.0.0. (, + IRC: - Support for SASL authentication. ( - Print topic setter information at channel join. ( + MSN: - Fix SSL certificate issue when signing into MSN for some users. - Fix a crash when removing a user before its icon is loaded. ( + MXit: - Fix a bug where a remote MXit user could possibly specify a local file path to be written to. (CVE-2013-0271) - Fix a bug where the MXit server or a man-in-the-middle could potentially send specially crafted data that could overflow a buffer and lead to a crash or remote code execution. (CVE-2013-0272) - Display farewell messages in a different colour to distinguish them from normal messages. - Add support for typing notification. - Add support for the Relationship Status profile attribute. - Remove all reference to Hidden Number. - Ignore new invites to join a GroupChat if you're already joined, or still have a pending invite. - The buddy's name was not centered vertically in the buddy-list if they did not have a status-message or mood set. - Fix decoding of font-size changes in the markup of received messages. - Increase the maximum file size that can be transferred to 1 MB. - When setting an avatar image, no longer downscale it to 96x96. + Sametime: - Fix a crash in Sametime when a malicious server sends us an abnormally long user ID. (CVE-2013 ... Description truncated, for more information please check the Reference URL
pidgin on openSUSE 12.3