SuSE Update for seamonkey openSUSE-SU-2015:0192-1 (seamonkey)

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Mozilla seamonkey was updated to SeaMonkey 2.32 (bnc#910669) * MFSA 2015-01/CVE-2014-8634/CVE-2014-8635 Miscellaneous memory safety hazards * MFSA 2015-02/CVE-2014-8637 (bmo#1094536) Uninitialized memory use during bitmap rendering * MFSA 2015-03/CVE-2014-8638 (bmo#1080987) sendBeacon requests lack an Origin header * MFSA 2015-04/CVE-2014-8639 (bmo#1095859) Cookie injection through Proxy Authenticate responses * MFSA 2015-05/CVE-2014-8640 (bmo#1100409) Read of uninitialized memory in Web Audio * MFSA 2015-06/CVE-2014-8641 (bmo#1108455) Read-after-free in WebRTC * MFSA 2015-07/CVE-2014-8643 (bmo#1114170) (Windows-only) Gecko Media Plugin sandbox escape * MFSA 2015-08/CVE-2014-8642 (bmo#1079658) Delegated OCSP responder certificates failure with id-pkix-ocsp-nocheck extension * MFSA 2015-09/CVE-2014-8636 (bmo#987794) XrayWrapper bypass through DOM objects - use GStreamer 1.0 from 13.2 on
seamonkey on openSUSE 13.1
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