SuSE Update for Security openSUSE-SU-2012:1172-1 (Security)

Please Install the Updated Packages.
Security Update for Xen Following bug and security fixes were applied: - bnc#776995 - attaching scsi control luns with pvscsi - xend/pvscsi: fix passing of SCSI control LUNs xen-bug776995-pvscsi-no-devname.patch - xend/pvscsi: fix usage of persistant device names for SCSI devices xen-bug776995-pvscsi-persistent-names.patch - xend/pvscsi: update sysfs parser for Linux 3.0 xen-bug776995-pvscsi-sysfs-parser.patch - bnc#777090 - CVE-2012-3494: xen: hypercall set_debugreg vulnerability (XSA-12) CVE-2012-3494-xsa12.patch - bnc#777088 - CVE-2012-3495: xen: hypercall physdev_get_free_pirq vulnerability (XSA-13) CVE-2012-3495-xsa13.patch - bnc#777091 - CVE-2012-3496: xen: XENMEM_populate_physmap DoS vulnerability (XSA-14) CVE-2012-3496-xsa14.patch - bnc#777086 - CVE-2012-3498: xen: PHYSDEVOP_map_pirq index vulnerability (XSA-16) CVE-2012-3498-xsa16.patch - bnc#777084 - CVE-2012-3515: xen: Qemu VT100 emulation vulnerability (XSA-17) CVE-2012-3515-xsa17.patch - Upstream patches from Jan 25734-x86-MCG_CTL-default.patch 25735-x86-cpuid-masking-XeonE5.patch 25744-hypercall-return-long.patch - Update to Xen 4.1.3 c/s 23336 - Upstream or pending upstream patches from Jan 25587-fix-off-by-one-parsing-error.patch 25616-x86-MCi_CTL-default.patch 25617-vtd-qinval-addr.patch 25688-x86-nr_irqs_gsi.patch - bnc#773393 - VUL-0: CVE-2012-3433: xen: HVM guest destroy p2m teardown host DoS vulnerability CVE-2012-3433-xsa11.patch - bnc#773401 - VUL-1: CVE-2012-3432: xen: HVM guest user mode MMIO emulation DoS 25682-x86-inconsistent-io-state.patch - bnc#762484 - VUL-1: CVE-2012-2625: xen: pv bootloader doesn't check the size of the bzip2 or lzma compressed kernel, leading to denial of service 25589-pygrub-size-limits.patch - bnc#767273 - unsupported /var/lock/subsys is still used by xendomains init.xendomains - bnc#766283 - opensuse 12.2 pv guests can not start after installation due to lack of grub2 support in the host 23686-pygrub-solaris.patch 23697-pygrub-grub2.patch 23944-pygrub-debug.patch 23998-pygrub-GPT.patch 23999-pygrub-grub2.patch 24000-pygrub-grub2.patch 24001-pygrub-grub2.patch 24002-pygrub-grub2.patch 24064-pygrub-HybridISO.patch 24401-pygrub-scrolling.patch 24402-pygrub-edit-fix.patch 24460-pygrub-extlinux.patch 24706-pygrub-extlinux.patch
Security on openSUSE 12.1