SuSE Update for update openSUSE-SU-2012:0374-1 (update)

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Changes in chromium: - Update to 19.0.1066 * Fixed Chrome install/update resets Google search preferences (Issue: 105390) * Don't trigger accelerated compositing on 3D CSS when using swiftshader (Issue: 116401) * Fixed a GPU crash (Issue: 116096) * More fixes for Back button frequently hangs (Issue: 93427) * Bastion now works (Issue: 116285) * Fixed Composited layer sorting irregularity with accelerated canvas (Issue: 102943) * Fixed Composited layer sorting irregularity with accelerated canvas (Issue: 102943) * Fixed Google Feedback causes render process to use too much memory (Issue: 114489) * Fixed after upgrade, some pages are rendered as blank (Issue: 109888) * Fixed Pasting text into a single-line text field shouldn't keep literal newlines (Issue: 106551) - Security Fixes: * Critical CVE-2011-3047: Errant plug-in load and GPU process memory corruption * Critical CVE-2011-3046: UXSS and bad history navigation. - Update to 19.0.1060 * Fixed NTP signed in state is missing (Issue: 112676) * Fixed gmail seems to redraw itself (all white) occasionally (Issue: 111263) * Focus &quot OK&quot button on Javascript dialogs (Issue: 111015) * Fixed Back button frequently hangs (Issue: 93427) * Increase the buffer size to fix muted playback rate (Issue: 108239) * Fixed Empty span with line-height renders with non-zero height (Issue: 109811) * Marked the Certum Trusted Network CA as an issuer of extended-validation (EV) certificates. * Fixed importing of bookmarks, history, etc. from Firefox 10+. * Fixed issues - 114001, 110785, 114168, 114598, 111663, 113636, 112676 * Fixed several crashes (Issues: 111376, 108688, 114391) * Fixed Firefox browser in Import Bookmarks and Settings drop-down (Issue: 114476) * Sync: Sessions aren't associating pre-existing tabs (Issue: 113319) * Fixed All &quot Extensions&quot make an entry under the &quot NTP Apps&quot page (Issue: 113672) - Security Fixes (bnc#750407): * High CVE-2011-3031: Use-after-free in v8 element wrapper. * High CVE-2011-3032: Use-after-free in SVG value handling. * High CVE-2011-3033: Buffer overflow in the Skia drawing library. * High CVE-2011-3034: Use-after-free in SVG document handling. * High CVE-2011-3035: Use-after-free in SVG use handling. * High CVE-2011-3036: Bad cast in line box handling. * High CVE-2011-3037: Bad casts in anonymous block splitting. * High CVE-2011-3038: Use-after-free in multi-column handling. * High CVE-2011-3039: Use-after-free in quote handling. * High CVE-2011-3040: ... Description truncated, for more information please check the Reference URL
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