SuSE Update for xen openSUSE-SU-2012:1685-1 (xen)

Please Install the Updated Packages.
This update of XEN fixes various denial of service bugs. - bnc#789945 - CVE-2012-5510: xen: Grant table version switch list corruption vulnerability (XSA-26) - bnc#789944 - CVE-2012-5511: xen: Several HVM operations do not validate the range of their inputs (XSA-27) - bnc#789940 - CVE-2012-5512: xen: HVMOP_get_mem_access crash / HVMOP_set_mem_access information leak (XSA-28) - bnc#789951 - CVE-2012-5513: xen: XENMEM_exchange may overwrite hypervisor memory (XSA-29) - bnc#789948 - CVE-2012-5514: xen: Missing unlock in guest_physmap_mark_populate_on_demand() (XSA-30) - bnc#789950 - CVE-2012-5515: xen: Several memory hypercall operations allow invalid extent order values (XSA-31) - bnc#789988 - FATAL PAGE FAULT in hypervisor (arch_do_domctl) 25931-x86-domctl-iomem-mapping-checks.patch - Upstream patches from Jan 26132-tmem-save-NULL-check.patch 26134-x86-shadow-invlpg-check.patch 26148-vcpu-timer-overflow.patch (Replaces CVE-2012-4535-xsa20.patch) 26149-x86-p2m-physmap-error-path.patch (Replaces CVE-2012-4537-xsa22.patch) 26150-x86-shadow-unhook-toplevel-check.patch (Replaces CVE-2012-4538-xsa23.patch) 26151-gnttab-compat-get-status-frames.patch (Replaces CVE-2012-4539-xsa24.patch) - bnc#777628 - guest &quot disappears&quot after live migration Updated block-dmmd script - Fix exception in and xen-max-free-mem.diff - bnc#792476 - efi files missing in latest XEN update Revert c/s 25751 EFI Makefile changes in 23614-x86_64-EFI-boot.patch
xen on openSUSE 12.2