SuSE Update for xen openSUSE-SU-2014:1279-1 (xen)

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XEN was updated to fix various bugs and security issues. Security issues fixed: - bnc#897657 - CVE-2014-7188: XSA-108 Improper MSR range used for x2APIC emulation - bnc#895802 - CVE-2014-7156: XSA-106: Missing privilege level checks in x86 emulation of software interrupts - bnc#895799 - CVE-2014-7155: XSA-105: Missing privilege level checks in x86 HLT, LGDT, LIDT, and LMSW emulation - bnc#895798 - CVE-2014-7154: XSA-104: Race condition in HVMOP_track_dirty_vram - bnc#864801 - CVE-2013-4540: qemu: zaurus: buffer overrun on invalid state load - bnc#880751 - CVE-2014-4021: XSA-100: Hypervisor heap contents leaked to guests - bnc#878841 - CVE-2014-3967,CVE-2014-3968: XSA-96: Vulnerabilities in HVM MSI injection - bnc#867910 - CVE-2014-2599: XSA-89: HVMOP_set_mem_access is not preemptible - bnc#842006 - CVE-2013-4344: XSA-65: xen: qemu SCSI REPORT LUNS buffer overflow Other bugs fixed: - bnc#896023 - Adjust xentop column layout - bnc#891539 - xend: fix netif convertToDeviceNumber for running domains - bnc#820873 - The 'long' option doesn't work with 'xl list' - bnc#881900 - XEN kernel panic do_device_not_available() - bnc#833483 - Boot Failure with xen kernel in UEFI mode with error 'No memory for trampoline' - bnc#862608 - SLES 11 SP3 vm-install should get RHEL 7 support when released - bnc#858178 - [HP HPS Bug]: SLES11sp3 XEN kiso version cause softlockup on 8 blades npar(480 cpu) - bnc#865682 - Local attach support for PHY backends using scripts - bnc#798770 - Improve multipath support for npiv devices
xen on openSUSE 12.3
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