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Mozilla XULRunner was updated to 14.0.1, fixing bugs and security issues: Following security issues were fixed: MFSA 2012-42: Mozilla developers identified and fixed several memory safety bugs in the browser engine used in Firefox and other Mozilla-based products. Some of these bugs showed evidence of memory corruption under certain circumstances, and we presume that with enough effort at least some of these could be exploited to run arbitrary code. CVE-2012-1949: Brian Smith, Gary Kwong, Christian Holler, Jesse Ruderman, Christoph Diehl, Chris Jones, Brad Lassey, and Kyle Huey reported memory safety problems and crashes that affect Firefox 13. CVE-2012-1948: Benoit Jacob, Jesse Ruderman, Christian Holler, and Bill McCloskey reported memory safety problems and crashes that affect Firefox ESR 10 and Firefox 13. MFSA 2012-43 / CVE-2012-1950: Security researcher Mario Gomes andresearch firm Code Audit Labs reported a mechanism to short-circuit page loads through drag and drop to the addressbar by canceling the page load. This causes the address of the previously site entered to be displayed in the addressbar instead of the currently loaded page. This could lead to potential phishing attacks on users. MFSA 2012-44 Google security researcher Abhishek Arya used the Address Sanitizer tool to uncover four issues: two use-after-free problems, one out of bounds read bug, and a bad cast. The first use-after-free problem is caused when an array of nsSMILTimeValueSpec objects is destroyed but attempts are made to call into objects in this array later. The second use-after-free problem is in nsDocument::AdoptNode when it adopts into an empty document and then adopts into another document, emptying the first one. The heap buffer overflow is in ElementAnimations when data is read off of end of an array and then pointers are dereferenced. The bad cast happens when nsTableFrame::InsertFrames is called with frames in aFrameList that are a mix of row group frames and column group frames. AppendFrames is not able to handle this mix. All four of these issues are potentially exploitable. CVE-2012-1951: Heap-use-after-free in nsSMILTimeValueSpec::IsEventBased CVE-2012-1954: Heap-use-after-free in nsDocument::AdoptNode CVE-2012-1953: Out of bounds read in ElementAnimations::EnsureStyleRuleFor CVE-2012-1952: Bad cast in nsTableFrame::InsertFrames MFSA 2012-45 / CVE-2012-1955: Security researcher Mariusz Mlynski reported an issue with spoofing of the location property. In this issue, calls to history.forward ... Description truncated, for more information please check the Reference URL
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