Titan FTP Server Multiple Directory Traversal Vulnerabilities

This host is running Titan FTP Server and is prone to multiple directory traversal vulnerabilities.
Successful exploitation will allow remote attackers to read arbitrary files and information on the target system. Impact Level: Application
Upgrade to Titan FTP Server 10.40 Build 1829 or later, For updates refer to http://webdrive.com/products/titan-ftp-server
- It is possible to copy the complete home folder of another user by leveraging a vulnerability on the Titan FTP Server Web Interface. - It is possible to obtain the complete list of existing users by writing '/../' on the search bar. - It is possible to observe the 'Properties' for an existing user home folder. This also allows for enumeration of existing users on the system.
Titan FTP Server version 10.32 Build 1816
Get the installed version with the help of detect NVT and check the version is vulnerable or not.