Ubuntu Update for apache2 vulnerabilities USN-499-1

Ubuntu Update for Linux kernel vulnerabilities USN-499-1
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Stefan Esser discovered that mod_status did not force a character set, which could result in browsers becoming vulnerable to XSS attacks when processing the output. If a user were tricked into viewing server status output during a crafted server request, a remote attacker could exploit this to modify the contents, or steal confidential data (such as passwords), within the same domain. By default, mod_status is disabled in Ubuntu. (CVE-2006-5752) Niklas Edmundsson discovered that the mod_cache module could be made to crash using a specially crafted request. A remote user could use this to cause a denial of service if Apache was configured to use a threaded worker. By default, mod_cache is disabled in Ubuntu. (CVE-2007-1863) A flaw was discovered in the signal handling of Apache. A local attacker could trick Apache into sending SIGUSR1 to other processes. The vulnerable code was only present in Ubuntu Feisty. (CVE-2007-3304)
apache2 vulnerabilities on Ubuntu 6.06 LTS , Ubuntu 6.10 , Ubuntu 7.04