Ubuntu Update for firefox USN-1251-1

Ubuntu Update for Linux kernel vulnerabilities USN-1251-1
Please Install the Updated Packages.
It was discovered that CVE-2011-3004, which addressed possible privilege escalation in addons, also affected Firefox 3.6. An attacker could potentially exploit Firefox when an add-on was installed that used loadSubscript in vulnerable ways. (CVE-2011-3647) Yosuke Hasegawa discovered that the Mozilla browser engine mishandled invalid sequences in the Shift-JIS encoding. A malicious website could possibly use this flaw this to steal data or inject malicious scripts into web content. (CVE-2011-3648) Marc Schoenefeld discovered that using Firebug to profile a JavaScript file with many functions would cause Firefox to crash. An attacker might be able to exploit this without using the debugging APIs which would potentially allow an attacker to remotely crash the browser. (CVE-2011-3650)
firefox on Ubuntu 10.10 , Ubuntu 10.04 LTS