Ubuntu Update for firefox USN-1306-1

Ubuntu Update for Linux kernel vulnerabilities USN-1306-1
Please Install the Updated Packages.
Alexandre Poirot, Chris Blizzard, Kyle Huey, Scoobidiver, Christian Holler, David Baron, Gary Kwong, Jim Blandy, Bob Clary, Jesse Ruderman, Marcia Knous, and Rober Longson discovered several memory safety issues which could possibly be exploited to crash Firefox or execute arbitrary code as the user that invoked Firefox. (CVE-2011-3660) Aki Helin discovered a crash in the YARR regular expression library that could be triggered by javascript in web content. (CVE-2011-3661) It was discovered that a flaw in the Mozilla SVG implementation could result in an out-of-bounds memory access if SVG elements were removed during a DOMAttrModified event handler. An attacker could potentially exploit this vulnerability to crash Firefox. (CVE-2011-3658) Mario Heiderich discovered it was possible to use SVG animation accessKey events to detect key strokes even when JavaScript was disabled. A malicious web page could potentially exploit this to trick a user into interacting with a prompt thinking it came from the browser in a context where the user believed scripting was disabled. (CVE-2011-3663) It was discovered that it was possible to crash Firefox when scaling an OGG &lt video&gt element to extreme sizes. (CVE-2011-3665)
firefox on Ubuntu 11.04