VMSA-2011-0007 VMware ESXi and ESX Denial of Service and third party updates for Likewise components and ESX Service Console

The remote ESXi is missing one or more security related Updates from VMSA-2011-0007. Summary VMware ESXi and ESX could encounter a socket exhaustion situation which may lead to a denial of service. Updates to Likewise components and to the ESX Service Console address security vulnerabilities. Relevant releases VMware ESXi 4.1 without patch ESXi410-201104401-SG. VMware ESXi 4.0 without patch ESXi400-201104401-SG. VMware ESX 4.1 without patch ESX410-201104401-SG. VMware ESX 4.0 without patch ESX400-201104401-SG. Problem Description a. ESX/ESXi Socket Exhaustion By sending malicious network traffic to an ESXi or ESX host an attacker could exhaust the available sockets which would prevent further connections to the host. In the event a host becomes inaccessible its virtual machines will continue to run and have network connectivity but a reboot of the ESXi or ESX host may be required in order to be able to connect to the host again. ESXi and ESX hosts may intermittently lose connectivity caused by applications that do not correctly close sockets. If this occurs an error message similar to the following may be written to the vpxa log: socket() returns -1 (Cannot allocate memory) An error message similar to the following may be written to the vmkernel logs: socreate(type=2, proto=17) failed with error 55 VMware would like to thank Jimmy Scott at inet-solutions.be for reporting this issue to us. b. Likewise package update Updates to the vmware-esx-likewise-openldap and vmware-esx-likewise-krb5 packages address several security issues. One of the vulnerabilities is specific to Likewise while the other vulnerabilities are present in the MIT version of krb5. An incorrect assert() call in Likewise may lead to a termination of the Likewise-open lsassd service if a username with an illegal byte sequence is entered for user authentication when logging in to the Active Directory domain of the ESXi/ESX host. This would lead to a denial of service. The MIT-krb5 vulnerabilities are detailed in MITKRB5-SA-2010-007. c. ESX third party update for Service Console kernel The Service Console kernel is updated to include a fix for a security issue.
Apply the missing patch(es).