VMware Tools Local Privilege Escalation Vulnerability (Win)

The host is installed with VMWare product(s) that are vulnerable to local privilege escalation vulnerability.
Successful exploitation could result in guest OS users to modify arbitrary memory locations in guest kernel memory and gain privileges. Impact Level : System
Upgrade VMware Product(s) to below version, VMware ACE 1.0.5 build 79846 or later www.vmware.com/download/ace/ VMware Player 1.0.6 build 80404 or later www.vmware.com/download/player/ VMware Server 1.0.5 build 80187 or later www.vmware.com/download/server/ VMware Workstation 5.5.6 build 80404 or later www.vmware.com/download/ws/
An input validation error is present in the Windows-based VMware HGFS.sys driver. Exploitation of this flaw might result in arbitrary code execution on the guest system by an unprivileged guest user. The HGFS.sys driver is present in the guest operating system if the VMware Tools package is loaded on Windows based Guest OS.
VMware ACE 1.x - 1.0.5 build 79846 on Windows VMware Player 1.x - before 1.0.6 build 80404 on Windows VMware Server 1.x - before 1.0.5 build 80187 on Windows VMware Workstation 5.x - before 5.5.6 build 80404 on Windows