The following problems were fixed in Apache Tomcat version 7.0.30:

  • Important: Bypass of security constraints CVE-2012-3546
    When using FORM authentication it was possible to bypass the security constraint checks in the FORM authenticator by appending /j_security_check to the end of the URL if some other component (such as the Single-Sign-On valve) had called request.setUserPrincipal() before the call to FormAuthenticator#authenticate(). This was fixed in revision 1377892.
  • DIGEST authentication weakness CVE-2012-3439
    Three weaknesses in Tomcat's implementation of DIGEST authentication were identified and resolved:
    Tomcat tracked client rather than server nonces and nonce count.
    When a session ID was present, authentication was bypassed.
    The user name and password were not checked before when indicating that a nonce was stale.
    These issues reduced the security of DIGEST authentication making replay attacks possible in some circumstances.

Affected Apache Tomcat versions (7.0.0 - 7.0.31).


Upgrade to the latest version of Apache Tomcat.


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