Multiple SQL injection vulnerabilities in PHP-Fusion before 7.02.06 allow remote attackers to execute arbitrary SQL commands via the (1) orderby parameter to downloads.php; or remote authenticated users with certain permissions to execute arbitrary SQL commands via a (2) parameter name starting with "delete_attach_" in an edit action to forum/postedit.php; the (3) poll_opts[] parameter in a newthread action to forum/postnewthread.php; the (4) pm_email_notify, (5) pm_save_sent, (6) pm_inbox, (7) pm_sentbox, or (8) pm_savebox parameter to administration/settings_messages.php; the (9) thumb_compression, (10) photo_watermark_text_color1, (11) photo_watermark_text_color2, or (12) photo_watermark_text_color3 parameter to administration/settings_photo.php; the (13) enable parameter to administration/bbcodes.php; the (14) news_image, (15) news_image_t1, or (16) news_image_t2 parameter to administration/news.php; the (17) news_id parameter in an edit action to administration/news.php; or the (18) article_id parameter in an edit action to administration/articles.php. NOTE: the user ID cookie issue in Authenticate.class.php is already covered by CVE-2013-7375.



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