US Air Force uses Acunetix WVS to identify and mitigate web application vulnerabilities

“Acunetix has played a very important role in the identification and mitigation of web application vulnerabilities. Acunetix has proven itself and is worth the cost.  Thank you Acunetix team.”
Mr  Rodgers, member of the US Air Force IT Security team.

The US Air Force’s mission is to fly, fight and win… in air, space and Cyberspace.  US Air Force has an elite force defending people from millions of cyber attacks every day in their newest battlefield; Cyberspace.  In a battle field, you’re always a target, and you constantly have to protect yourself from the enemies’ attacks.  In the cyberspace battle field, things are no different.  The US Air Force’s public facing web farm, where their websites and web applications are hosted, is constantly attacked from malicious users from allover the internet.

The need for an automated and flexible solution

The US Air Force web farm consists of several hundred web servers, and as one would expect, they utilize all of the latest web technologies in existence.  These cutting edge web technologies run on a wide variety of web server software, such as Microsoft’s IIS and Apache.  Because of the immense size of the web farm, and the variety of web technologies being used, the US Air Force needed an automated solution to help them secure their websites and web applications.

The Solution

“We tried eEye’s Retina web security scanner, HP’s WebInspect and another dozen of web security tools, but only Acunetix WVS gave us the ability to modify vulnerability checks and scan for the ever growing threat of web application vulnerabilities.  The speed in which it performs the checks is also unbeatable” said Mr Rodgers.  Having a highly configurable product such as Acunetix WVS was also a must for the US Air Force security engineer, to be able to operate the web vulnerability scanner within the strict internal IT policies.  “Yes, this is an important factor in why we purchased Acunetix. This flexibility allows us to develop our own security checks and policies, unlike the Vendor provided Network Vulnerability Scanners,” added Mr Rodgers.

“Acunetix WVS costs only a fraction of what others cost and it is a very easy to use application.  It is so easy that even my trainees are able to accomplish specific tasks with little or no knowledge at all.”  With such a wide variety of web servers and web technologies to secure, Mr Rodgers needed a complete solution, and not just the product. “The Acunetix support staff is awesome. I’ve never gone more than a couple of hours without getting a response from the support team.”

“Acunetix has played a very important role in the identification and mitigation of web application vulnerabilities. Acunetix has proven itself and is worth the cost.  Thank you Acunetix team.”

About Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner

Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner ensures website security by automatically checking for SQL injection, Cross site scripting and other vulnerabilities. Furthermore, Acunetix protects against the embedding of Javascript malware in a web-page through its JavaScript Analyzer. Such protection secures all AJAX applications. Acunetix WVS also checks password strength on authentication pages and automatically audits shopping carts, forms, dynamic content and other web applications. As the scan is being completed, the software produces detailed reports that pinpoint where vulnerabilities exist.

About US Air Force

The mission of the United States Air Force is to fly, fight and win … in air, space and cyberspace.  To achieve that mission, the Air Force has a vision of Global Vigilance, Reach and Power. That vision orbits around three core competencies: developing Airmen, technology to war fighting and integrating operations. These core competencies make our six distinctive capabilities possible.

About Acunetix

Acunetix was founded to combat the alarming rise in web attacks. Its flagship product, Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner, is the result of several years of development by a team of highly experienced security developers. Acunetix is a privately held company with headquarters based in Europe (Malta), and an office in London, UK.

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November 2009