Miles Technologies: Acunetix Important for Cybersecurity

Acunetix is our vulnerability scanning tool of choice for situations where information security is a real concern and confidence in safety is key.

JP Lessard, President of Software Services, Miles Technologies

The Challenge: Difficult Tools & Slow Scans

Miles Technologies is a leading provider of IT, software, marketing, and technology consulting services to business, nationwide. Along with everything they do, cybersecurity is an important part of this organization’s work.

Before coming to Acunetix, Miles Technologies was using several security tools for identifying vulnerabilities and creating progress reports for clients. The tools were unintuitive and took nearly a week to complete scanning processes. The President of their Software Division, JP Lessard, wanted to speed up project turn around times and needed the ability to find and fix cybersecurity issues faster. Acunetix Premium was the answer.

The Solution: Acunetix Premium

Acunetix Premium now helps Miles Technologies in several ways.

First, the tool is faster and better at finding security problems. It used to take between 3-10 business days to run vulnerability scans and share results. Lessard’s team would only run scans on some days because they took so long. With Acunetix, Miles Technologies can run scans and create reports in less than 3 business days.

[Acunetix] setup is quick, and the different types of reports save time when it comes to delivering security assessments to different executive and non-executive roles.

Second, Acunetix allows Miles Technologies to modify scans for different customers. Lessard’s team can also set who gets access to the tool and test applications that have passwords.

Third, Acunetix Premium’s reports make it easy for Miles Technologies to fix issues in order of importance. The tool tells users how to solve problems to help them make better decisions.

[Acunetix] provides the insight and detail to help developers make educated decisions on how they prioritize and remediate security issues.

Also, the Acunetix support team was very helpful to Miles Technologies.

[They were] able to help us streamline and hone in on the best configuration for our testing needs. In particular, they helped us drastically reduce the amount of time to run full vulnerability scans within our environment.

Today, Acunetix is very important to the company’s services. The tool gives Lessard and his team confidence that they can solve their clients’ security problems quickly.


  • Faster Security: Acunetix scans in less time
  • Lower costs: Acunetix is easy for teams to use
  • Better protection: Acunetix finds more security issues