Tasheel Information Technology: Guaranteed Web Application Security with Acunetix

Tasheel Info Tech LogoTasheel Information Technology (Tasheel) is the leading IT solution provider in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We offer innovative products, solutions, and services to a multitude of organizations in the Kingdom including the Middle-East region and have assisted companies of all sizes with their office automation requirements. We are currently managing 60 associated data centers that host our web-based solutions.

In a constantly evolving state of cutting-edge hacking, securing our web-based solutions has always been the top priority of Tasheel. Many top web security scanning tools were tried and tested on applications developed by Tasheel but all were insufficient except the Acunetix web vulnerability scanner, which has been chosen for the job.

Case Study

ECM7, a flagship software solution of Tasheel was tested using Acunetix. Tasheel’s Quality Analysts have expected that ECM7 may have some security vulnerabilities. With Acunetix, these vulnerabilities have been identified and categorized as follows:

  • Some high-level vulnerabilities such as SQLi, XSS, web configurations, and others
  • Some medium-level vulnerabilities such as URL redirection, application error message, vulnerable JavaScript libraries, and others
  • Low-level vulnerabilities related to web server setup
  • Informational level vulnerabilities

With Acunetix, we were able to immediately spot the above vulnerabilities and appropriate measures have been taken to fix the issues with ease as per recommendations by Acunetix.


Tasheel acknowledges with satisfaction that the Acunetix web vulnerability scanner has helped resolve many security vulnerabilities hidden in our web-based applications. Tasheel also acknowledges the swift and resourceful support provided by Acunetix for the whole undertaking.