FAQ: Can I manually import scan results into the Acunetix database file?

Should you need to generate a report for a security scan performed at an eariler stage, it is possible to load a saved scan result file and manually import it into the Acunetix WVS reporting database. To generate a report … [+]

FAQ: How does Acunetix WVS perform an automated scan and detect vulnerabilities?

As a pattern and exploit analysis tool, Acunetix WVS performs a web security audit by executing the following 3 sub-tasks: Step 1: Target identification WVS checks if the target(s) are running a web server, and therefore host any websites. Information … [+]

FAQ: How can I prevent a scan from flooding me with Acunetix test string emails?

Apart from being an annoyance, if the problem of mass mailing has impacted your site then it could be a web application vulnerability in itself. A hacker or malicious user can perform the same steps to flood the mail system, … [+]

Suggest ideas and participate in the evolution of Acunetix WVS

Since its conception in 2005, Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner has provided a comprehensive set of security analysis tools to countless web designers, administrators, and consultants around the world; and has successfully protected thousands of web applications from the ever-present threat … [+]

Using Acunetix HTTP Editor Tool

In this video we focus on the advanced penetration testing tool, HTTP Editor Tool, that is bundled with Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner. We begin by hacking a website using a source code disclosure vulnerability that was discovered using Acunetix Web … [+]

How to choose a web vulnerability scanner

How to choose a web vulnerability scanner

A must read interview for anyone who is interested in evaluating web vulnerability scanners.  In this interview we discuss the process of choosing a web vulnerability scanner and underline several factors that should be taken into consideration in the decision-making … [+]

VIDEO: What's new in Acunetix WVS v7?

Check out this 4 minutes YouTube video to find out what’s new in the new and revolutionary Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner Version 7. Click here to watch the high quality version of this video … [+]

Creating custom vulnerability checks for Acunetix WVS

Creating custom vulnerability checks for Acunetix WVS

Vulnerability checks in Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner consists of two files; *.script – The actual vulnerability check written in JavaScript.  Such scripts are stored in the <C:\ProgramData\Acunetix WVS 8\Data\Scripts> directory. *.xml – This file contains all the documentation related to … [+]