Error installing .NET AcuSensor when a previous version of the sensor is detected

When installing the AcuSensor in your .NET Web Application, you might encounter the following error:

Failed to install sensor in site: “<path to site>”. Reason: Previous version of AcuSensor detected on the site. Please remove it using AcuSensor .NET Injector.


This error is caused when you are using .NET AcuSensor Manager v2.0 to install the sensor on a site which already has the sensor installed from a previous version. You will first need to remove the sensor using the previous version of the AcuSensor Manager (called AcuSensor Injector). Proceed as follows:

  1. First ensure that the AcuSensor Injector is still installed. You can check this from the Start menu. Verify that “Acunetix .NET AcuSensor Injector” is present in Programs.
  2. If you cannot locate “Acunetix .NET AcuSensor Injector” in Start > Programs, you will need to install the previous version of the Injector. Acunetix will save the “Acunetix .NET AcuSensor Injector” installation in %HOMEPATH%\Documents\Acunetix WVS 10\AcuSensor\dotNET
  3. From the “Acunetix .NET AcuSensor Injector”, select all the sites that have the old version of the sensor and uninject the sensor. The sites that have the old sensor installed will be shown with a green icon.
    AcuSensor Injector
  4. After making sure that the old sensor has been removed from all your web sites, you can proceed with installing the new sensor to your sites using the “Acunetix .NET AcuSensor Manager v2.0”.AcuSensor Manager
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