Joomla! Security Tips: Securing Configurations

Heads up — Depending on your web server’s configuration for active extensions, the following could break some functionality. It is strongly advised to try out any configuration in a testing/staging environment before changing any configuration on production servers Prevent Directory Listing Directory Listing occurs when the web server does not find an index file (i.e. […]

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Acunetix v10.5 adds support for Joomla! Drupal and CVSS3.0

A new version of Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanners v10.5 has been released. The new version tests for Joomla! and Drupal vulnerabilities, supports CVSS 3.0 and includes other improvements/bug fixes. Joomla! and Drupal Support Acunetix v10.5 now reports vulnerabilities in popular content management systems Joomla! and Drupal. The new proprietary database includes close to 300 Joomla! and Drupal […]

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In the headlines: Malwarebytes, eBay vulnerability, NASA hack, Waitrose website holes and more

Malwarebytes found to have four vulnerabilities Malwarebytes, a free anti-malware tool with 250 million users, has been exposed as having four vulnerabilities. The main one described involves the software fetching signature updates via unencrypted HTTP, which could allow an attacker to set up a man-in-the-middle attack. The vulnerabilities are the latest found in a number of […]

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