Configuring General Settings

From the general settings page, you can configure product updates settings, proxy settings, notification settings, users and target groups.

Product Updates

Acunetix frequently releases updates which consist of new features, bug fixes and updates to the vulnerabilities database. You can configure Acunetix to Download and install updates automatically, or have Acunetix notify you when new updates are available.

Proxy Settings

You can configure Acunetix to use a proxy server if this is required to connect to the Internet. This will affect product updates, license activation requests and AcuMonitor requests. Specify the protocol, proxy address and port and optionally username and password to be used to connect to the proxy server.

Notification Settings

The mail server settings are used by Acunetix to send email notifications such as when a scan is complete, license notifications, or forgot password emails. Here you can configure the SMTP server’s address, port, from address, security protocol used, and any authentication if needed.


The management of Acunetix users is explained here.

Target Groups

Targets can be grouped for easier management. For example, from the Vulnerabilities page,  you can filter for the vulnerabilities of one Target Group, or in the Scan page, you can filter for scans of a specific Target Group. Users accounts are also given access to specific Target Groups.

You will first need to create the Target Group, after which, you can configure target group membership for the Target Group.


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