Acunetix WVS upgrade was successful

The Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner upgrade was successful.

Click here to access the Acunetix WVS build history to see what updates have been released with the latest build.

1. Keep yourself updated with the latest Web security and Acunetix WVS news

To keep up to date with the latest web security and Acunetix WVS news and updates, we recommend you to follow us on:

2. Acunetix WVS documentation

The Acunetix WVS user manual has been written in ‘getting started’ style, so that you do not have to wade through a lot of pages.  You can download it in PDF format here.

The Acunetix WVS FAQ can be viewed online here.

The Acunetix WVS ‘how to’ section can be viewed online here.

Click here to access the Acunetix WVS support page.

You can also find a number of online videos and presentations about web application security and how to use Acunetix WVS on the video section in our Web Application Security Blog.

3. Obtaining support & contacting Acunetix

No support is available for the free edition.  Once you buy a commercial edition, you can also buy Acunetix maintenance agreement – which is inexpensive and gives you support for Acunetix WVS, and entitles you for free version upgrades.  Details can be found here.  You can contact Acunetix at info at  If you are interested in purchasing Acunetix via one of our partners, you can find an Acunetix partner close to you from here.

If you own a valid maintenance agreement and require technical support, email us on support at with a detailed description of the problem you encountered.

Finally, stay secure!