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Web site security is the most overlooked aspect of securing data. We’ve all heard the term ‘hacker’ before and the damage they can do to financial institutions, retailers and other large corporations.

In a 12 month period between 2013 and 2014, the FBI revealed that a staggering total of 519 million financial records were stolen by hackers in the US alone. The financial impacts of this are of course enormous; cyber crime is estimated to have cost the global economy more than $445 billion so far.

As a result, industry is increasing efforts to improve their web site security, using web vulnerability scanners, penetration testers and therefore better protecting their sensitive data. Highly publicised data breaches in the last few years have included the theft of user logins and passwords for Gmail and Facebook, and financial data from Heartland Payment Systems.

Besides the dangers of a data breach itself, there is also the risk of reputation and credibility loss to those who fall prey to an attack on their web site security. So overall, hackers can be hugely damaging to a business or institution if they exploit flaws in web site security.

Acunetix offers a series of articles, blog posts and up-to-date news on all that encompasses web site security. In the web security blog you can also find information on the latest web site security concepts and the most important web attacks, such as SQL injection & Cross site scripting.

In addition to explaining how web site security attacks work, we will also provide information on how to find and fix these web site security vulnerabilities.

Read the articles below to get up-to-speed with the basics on web site security to ensure you you have all the knowledge required for your web applications to remain hacker-proof.