The task of keeping the systems running on the network perimeter and all the services exposed on the internet is substantial and ongoing. Considering that most network admins are time-starved, they can’t always be blamed for missing the latest security update for their software.

A network security scan from the Acunetix Vulnerability Scanner performs over 35,000 network vulnerability checks on your perimeter servers. Acunetix can audit all aspects of the perimeter, including operating systems, firewalls, routers, switches and any services exposed on the internet. Each network scan includes a full port scan and a scan for Trojan Horses.

A Trojan Horse is a type of malware that runs on your system and is often designed to allow an intruder remote access to your system. This type of backdoor can be installed on your system using various techniques including being installed as part of another legitimate application (usually downloaded from an unofficial site as cracked software), as an attachment to an email or using drive-by download techniques.

Trojan Horses are also often referred to as Remote Access Trojans or RATs for short. Most RATs give full access to the compromised machine, allowing the attacker to gain control of the CD tray, webcam, log keystrokes and providing full access to your hard drive. In essence, your machine becomes a zombie controlled by the intruder.

A network audit from Acunetix Vulnerability Scanner checks for over 850 different Trojan horses that might be exposed on your perimeter servers.

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