In Acunetix v11, the user interface is web based, and by default the web server hosting the web application is running on port 3443.

Therefore, if you are logged into the machine running Acunetix, you can browse to https://localhost:3443 to access Acunetix.

If you need to access Acunetix from a remote machine, you will need to know the IP address / hostname of the machine running Acunetix. In this case, you can access Acunetix by browsing to https://<IP or Hostname>:3443>

Nicholas Sciberras
Chief Technical Officer
As the CTO at Acunetix, Nicholas is passionate about IT security and technology at large. Prior to joining Acunetix in 2012, Nicholas spent 12 years at GFI Software, where he managed the email security and anti-spam product lines, led multiple customer service teams and provided technical training.

  • It is very nice turn but I’ve got a problem to how conduct crawling and http sniffing

  • hello,

    I have installed Acunetix v11 full ver on Win Server 2008 and there is no Acunetix Service (only Acunetix Database), therefore when I try to connect to localhost:3443 it is not connecting. Furthermore, netstat -ant doesn’t show any service running and listening on port 3443. Thank you

    • Hi Gabriel,

      Please ensure that your OS meets the min requirement of Windows 2008 R2. If it does, please try to un-install and re-install, and contact our support team if the problem persists.

  • I keep getting this error – A connection to server could not be established. [Status: -1]
    What is the problem? Please help me out.

  • I keep getting this error – A connection to server could not be established. [Status: -1]. i have tried to restart the Acunetix Database and it is still not working. Thanks to look into.

    • Can you also try restarting the Acunetix service? If the problem persists, please contact our support team, so we can troubleshoot further

  • i cannt login in the local host it keeps telling me invalid email and pass however in the websiote it’s working normal i can login normal ?!!

    • If you are using Acunetix Online, you can use the Reset Password feature.
      If you are using Acunetix On Premise, you can use the Acunetix Administrative Password utility to reset the Admin password. This can be loaded from the Acunetix program group.

  • my browser says it local host refused to connect. but i have checked that there is no any proxy, pls help me what i have to do

    • Can you try restarting the Acunetix service? Should the problem persist, please contact our support team, who can troubleshoot further using the Acunetix logs.

  • I was using Firefox and got the error “A connection to server could not be established. [Status: -1]” each time I updated Acunetix.

    I solved the problem by deleting the security exception (regarding the certificate) that was previously set in Firefox , reloaded the URL and set a new exception.

    • Hi,

      Can you check that you are using the latest build of Acunetix. This is 11.0.173271618.

      Having said that, Acunetix does register the Acunetix Certificate in the OS’s certificate store. Unfortunately, Firefox uses its own certificate store. This might cause the problem that you have experienced.

    • can you re-install and use another custom PORT that worked for me

      • Hi,

        You can change the port used by the UI from C:\ProgramData\Acunetix\settings.ini. Change the server.port setting to the new port and restart the Acunetix services.

  • ” Database connection error” An error occurs.

    Windows 10 is unable to run the command ” Start-Service-DisplayName ” and ” Acunetix Database “. How do I fix this?

    thank you

    • I solved this problem myself after rebooting the computer. Thank you for deleting it.

  • hi,
    i am getting error like couldn’t initialize the database while installing the acunetix11.what should i do?

    • Is the problem occurring during the installation? Did you already try to re-install?

      If you are getting the error in the UI, try the following:

      1. Use CTRL-F5 to refresh the Acuentix UI.
      2. Restart the Acunetix services

      Should the problem persist, please contact our support team.

  • How to turn off Acunetix localhost server ??

    • Hi,

      You can do this as follows:

      1. Browse to
      2. Open settings.ini in your text editor
      3. Change the server.address field to the desired IP address
      4. Close settings.ini
      5. Restart the Acunetix Service

      This will disable Acunetix from listening on localhost /

  • Installed on Windows 10 64bit.

    Wont work. Acunetix Database starts. Acunetix Trial wont start.

    Database says FATAL:
    FATAL: role “SERVIÇO LOCAL” não existe

    Desktop is PT_BR.

  • Hello, when I installed, the certificate did not seem to be installed successfully. The error message that is prompted after the installation is complete is: Unable to initialize the database. How can I solve this problem? ?

    • Hi,

      Can you try re-installing Acunetix. If the problem persists, please contact our support team, and provide more information on the machine were you are installing Acunetix.

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