Difference between Site Login and HTTP Authentication

When configuring a Target, you sometimes need to configure login details to the web application. This allows Acunetix to check the restricted areas in your web application.
There are two types of authentication that can be done with a web site – Form-based authentication and HTTP Authentication.

Form-based authentication is the most popular form of authentication. It is the type of authentication which is implemented in the web application, and is used in popular web sites such as gmail or facebook.

This type of authentication can be configured in Acunetix from the Site Login section of a Target.


On the other hand, HTTP Authentication is configured in the Web Server, and is often used as an added level of security. The authentication window appears before any page is loaded, and looks like what is shown in the screenshot. Different browsers display this message differently.

HTTP Authentication is also supported by Acunetix and can be configured from the Target’s settings > HTTP tab > HTTP Authentication


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