Why does Acunetix indicate ‘connection was terminated by host’ in the error log?

“Connection was terminated by host” indicates that the remote server being scanned is closing the connections being sent to it from Acunetix WVS.  There are several reasons why this might happen, but typically it is encountered when the server cannot handle the number of requests being sent.

To fix this issue, a smaller number of requests should be sent to the server at the same time.  This can be configured as follows:

  1. In Acunetix WVS, browse to the Configuration > Scan Settings > HTTP Options node
  2. Decrease the number of ‘Limit number of parallel connections’ to (1 to 25).
  3. Optionally, you can also increase the HTTP request timout value, i.e. Acunetix WVS will wait longer for a server to respond.

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  • For some reasons the server keep blocking me. I changed the parallel connections to 1..

    • Hi,

      This blog post documents only one of the possible causes of this issue. If this does not solve the problem, we would need to launch an investigation on why your specific server is closing the connection. Please open a support case by sending an email to support@acunetix.com

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