Keeping Acunetix up-to-date is important to ensure you always get the latest updates to existing and newly added tests, features, bugfixes and improvements. Fortunately it’s not only easy but transparent.

By default Acunetix automatically checks for updates, installs any new updates in the background without any user interaction.

Of course, this behaviour can be configured by navigating to Settings > Product Updates.

Acunetix upgrade

Acunetix can also be set to Notify me of new product updates or Do not automatically check for updates [Not recommended].

Who is eligible for build upgrades?

All Acunetix customers are eligible for a build upgrade within the same version. However you would require a valid Maintenance Agreement for version upgrade. Contact our Sales Team at for more information.

I am a user of Acunetix Online. Does this apply to me?

Acunetix Online is updated automatically – so you don’t have to lift a finger!

Have more questions? Our Support Team are here to help, contact them via


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  • Hi Matt,

    Thank you for spotting that!

  • Hi Matt,

    do you have any screenshot if there’s available update for acunetix (latest version) ??

    thank you 🙂

  • Problem with Accunetix Login Sequence, logging in to Application.
    I made one login sequence using username / password. When I recorded and played it, LSR logged in to the application successfully.
    But when I closed LSR, and re-opened it, and played it, it failed to login.
    On examining the LSR session file in Notepad, I realized the password was written as ****. I also changed it to real password, saved the sesion file, and tried to run the session file, but it didn’t logged in.
    Any help would be appreciated.

  • I have downloaded the new V12 Build, could you tell me how can I upgrade my current acunetix version which V11 and V10.5

    • Hi,

      You can upgraded v11 to v12 by running the v12 installation on the machine running v11. The installation will detect v11 and will upgrade it to v12, retaining the configuration.

      v10.5 cannot be upgraded to either v11 or v12.

  • Is there a way to force it to check/manually update? I’m not seeing any notification of updates even though there are updates out

  • Hi Stephen,

    In the latest build of v12, you can check for updates manually from Settings > Product Updates > Check for Updates

  • Hi, I have a question to ask, can you keep the settings for the integration plugins in Acunetix ?, I commented: I had the version acunetix_12.0.181220120 with an integration with jenkis (CA and Apikey) in operation, a couple of days ago acunetix notified me about a new version so I decided to update, I made the download of the new version acunetix_12.0.190121124 so when installing it I respect the user settings, as well as targets and more … but generated a new CA and apikey that I had to configure again in my jenkins, I repeat the question Can you keep the settings for the integration plugins in Acunetix? o In each update do I need to configure the integration again?

    • Hi Jorge,

      Thanks for your query.

      During an upgrade, all the Acunetix settings are retained. The certificate and the API key should also be retained. Do you remember the build that you upgraded from?

  • Hello, Nicholas.

    Yes, it was in the update of version 12, the 12.0.181220120 to 12.0.190121124.

    • Hi Jorge,

      I confirmed that both the API key and the certificate are kept when upgrading from an older to a newer build of v12. Maybe there is something specific with your installation?

      • Hi,

        Following the installation instructions, it maintains the user’s configuration, but when it comes to “customize how to access acunetix” it generates the server’s SSL certificate and replaces the certificate it had in the previous version.


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