FAQ: What additional features does Acunetix WVS include?

The following features complete the Acunetix WVS scanning arsenal:

  • Innovative AcuSensor technology
  • Web server configuration detection
  • Web server security scan (Port Scanner) against services such as DNS, SSH etc
  • Dictionary (brute force) attacker to test password strength of login pages or HTTP authentication
  • Report Generator to create professional and regulatory compliance reports specifying detected vulnerabilities and suggested fixes
  • Vulnerability Editor to create custom exploit attacks or modify existing ones
  • Support for all major web technologies like JavaScript, AJAX, ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, Ruby, JRun and CGI
  • Scanning profiles to tailor specific vulnerability checks for separate websites
  • Scan comparison tool to easily spot differences and locate new vulnarabilities between previous and recent scans
  • Easily re-launch scans on modified areas of a website
  • Automatic Custom error page detection
  • Discovery of directories with weak permissions
  • Includes advanced manual penetration testing tools liek the HTTP Editor, HTTP Fuzzer, HTTP Sniffer and more.

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