Acunetix Online allows you to configure user accounts from within your Acunetix Online account, thereby delegating some scanning and reporting tasks.

This is a great feature for enterprise administrators who need to delegate the security tasks for the company’s websites and front-end servers to multiple IT administrators or security personnel. A company IT Admin can be given the task of managing their own websites or micro-sites, while the CTO or CSO can keep an eye on the general security of the organisations’ internet-facing resources, all through the Acunetix Online portal.

IT Security Consultants can also benefit from the multi-user feature. Within their account, consultants can create Scan Target Groups for each customer, and add their customers’ web sites, web applications and other internet facing servers to Acunetix Online. Scanning of these Scan Targets can be scheduled so as to occur as often as needed by the customer, or as often as required by the contractual obligations with the individual customers.

The rest of this article shows how consultants can configure their customers’ sites in the Acunetix Online portal.

1.   Start by identifying the Targets that your customers need to keep secure.

2.   Configure these Targets in your Acunetix Online account.  This can be done from Targets > Add Targets. Each Target will need to be verified for web scans, although network scans only require that your account is verified.

3.   From Settings > Target Groups, create a Target Group for each customer.

4. Add the Targets to the the Target Groups for each customer.

Target Groups
5.       Change to Settings > Users.

6.       Create a User Account for each customer who needs to initiate or simply monitor scans on their servers. Give the user account permissions to the Target Group which holds Targets for his / her organisation.

User Settings

6. There are 3 Child Account Roles that might come in handy for this task. These are:

a) Tech Admin – This role allows the user to add and remove Targets within the group, and to execute scans and create reports on the scans affected.

b) Tester – This role allows the user to run scans on the targets that have been configured.

c) Auditor – This role allows the user to create reports on the scans performed, however they cannot start any scans.

7.  As soon as each user is created, they will receive an email with a confirmation link. When they click on the link, they will be asked to provide a password which they will use to access Acunetix Online.

8.  You can review all the User Accounts created in your account by going back to the Users screen.

User accounts

User accounts allow IT Consultants to better serve their customers IT Security needs. Acunetix Online User Accounts are the best way to allow your customers to review the security of their network. More information on Acunetix Online User accounts can be found at

Nicholas Sciberras
Chief Technical Officer
As the CTO at Acunetix, Nicholas is passionate about IT security and technology at large. Prior to joining Acunetix in 2012, Nicholas spent 12 years at GFI Software, where he managed the email security and anti-spam product lines, led multiple customer service teams and provided technical training.