Acunetix 360 On-Demand 15 Jun 2022

This update includes changes to the internal scan agent. The internal scan agent's current version is



  • Updated embedded Chromium browser.
  • Added a discovered date column for websites detected by the Discovery Service.
  • Updated out-of-date Lodash library.
  • Added a timeout for website import. The default value for timeout is 400 ms.
  • Improved the tooltip for security checks on the scan policy page to properly reflect the security policy selections.
  • Updated the SCIM integration for provisioning on Azure Active Directory’s marketplace.
  • Added the ability to bulk edit issues.


  • Fixed a bug that prevents members with user-defined roles from being deleted.
  • Fixed a bug that prevents the information displayed when users select Jira on the user mapping.
  • Fixed a bug that does not request to verify website ownership when the website's agent mode is changed from internal to Cloud.
  • [Internal agent] Fixed a bug that causes showing an outdated vulnerability database version of an agent on the user interface.
  • Fixed a bug that shows different information between Invicti Standard and Acunetix 360 on the Known Issues of the Out-of-Date Node when the software composition analysis is run.
  • Fixed a null reference type issue while creating JsonSerialized Kafka issues.
  • [Internal agent] Fixed a bug that does not show the website thumbnail when the scan is completed.
  • Fixed an issue that causes custom vulnerabilities not to be added to the Vulnerability Lookup table.
  • Changed filter for Groupable Custom vulnerabilities when creating vulnerability model.
  • Fixed a bug that prevents a scan profile from being updated when users add a client certificate.
  • Fixed a bug that threw an error when users tried to delete a scan policy.
  • Fix a bug that prevents exporting a vulnerability list report in CSV or XML when Netsparker Shark (IAST) is enabled.
  • Fixed a bug that prevents the loading of form authentication pages when OTP is selected.
  • Fixed a bug while excluding cookies during the scan.
  • Fixed a bug that prevents websites from being deleted.
  • Fixed the Jazz Team Server multiple category issue.
  • Fixed a bug that occurs when a detailed scan report does not report the CVSS scores for custom vulnerabilities.
  • Fixed a bug that prevents editing the FreshService integration.
  • Fixed the link that throws an error on the SCIM API documentation page.
  • [Internal agent] Fixed a bug that throws an exception when the agent is started in debug mode on IDE.
  • Fixed a bug that prevents a notification from being sent to users when users filter the state.
  • Removed the space at the CVSS Scores that caused incorrect values to show up.