Acunetix 360 On-Demand 19 Jul 2022

This update includes changes to the internal agents. The internal scan agent's current version is The internal authentication verifier agent's current version is



  • [Early Access] Enhanced the Discovery Service to detect more relevant web applications.
  • Improved the Late-Confirmation Storage Mechanism to lower disc usage.
  • Improved the rate limit for the All Issues API endpoint.
  • Added an API endpoint to better understand how many websites each user scanned.
  • Added raw scan file expired status to the Scan Failure Reasons.
  • Added the IsEnabled API endpoint for the OAuth2 setting.
  • Updated the icons on the Trend Matrix page.
  • Added logs to scheduled scans to identify the license issue when the scan couldn't be launched.
  • Improved the internal agent to check whether OAuth2 is enabled or not.
  • Improved the Activity Log to include information on vulnerability profile changes.
  • Improved the Scan Profiles API endpoint to include information on the imported URLs.


  • Fixed a bug that was caused by special characters that affected the Out of Scope node.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the OAuth2 settings to disappear after being saved in a scan profile following enabling and disabling operations.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the browse section to continue appearing on the Links/API definition page after the import process is canceled.
  • Fixed a bug that throws errors on the summary page for technologies links.
  • Fixed the issue that IP Address Restriction is not working on API access.
  • Fixed an issue that shows the same vulnerabilities more than once in the scan summary reports.
  • Fixed a bug that shows the soft-deleted scan policies when their URL is entered.
  • Fixed a bug while excluding cookies during the scan.
  • Fixed a bug that prevents scanning and verifier agents from being updated.
  • Fixed a bug that prevents notifications from appearing on the user interface when data size is exceeded.
  • Fixed imported links DLL mismatch problem for Postman and GraphQL.
  • Fixed a bug that shows an empty list of possible GraphQL endpoints in the Security Checks list.
  • Fixed a bug that throws 500 Internal Server Error returns upon the "GET issues/addressedissues" API call.
  • Fixed a bug that throws 500 Internal Server Error returns upon the "GET /issues/todo" API call.


  • Removed the Ignore these extensions field from the scan policies page.