Acunetix 360 On-Demand 20 May 2021


  • Added Authentication Profiles feature to be able to define shared authentication once and utilize them on many scans without explicitly configuring Form Authentication for websites utilizing the same authentication procedure.


  • The Category selection for ServiceNow integration is made editable.
  • Added support for importing links from multiple RAML files from a ZIP file (include directive support).
  • Improved Azure AD Single Sign-On in-app help text.
  • Removed the Current Password field for admin users (logged in with SSO) while editing a member.
  • Added “Maximum URL Rewrite Signature” Scan Policy Crawling option.


  • Fixed an error that occurs while trying to mark an issue as false positive.
  • Fixed an internal server error that happens while using the /api/1.0/scanprofiles/update API endpoint for some profiles.
  • Fixed an issue where a deleted issue tracker integration was still keeping the old issues IDs referenced.
  • [INTERNAL AGENT] Fixed an issue where the helper NHS service is unexpectedly terminated on environments with multiple agents running.