Acunetix 360 On-Demand 09 Sep 2021

This update includes changes to Internal Agents. The internal agent’s current version is


  • Introduced a login banner warning. The banner displays security and legal notices to users accessing the system.
  • Added pre-scan validations so that Acunetix 360 can automatically choose TLS protocol.


  • Added the tag filtering to the Recent Scans page.
  • Added the tag limitation. Users cannot add more than 20 tags.
  • Added the date range filter to the global dashboard. Thanks to this improvement, users can filter scan data according to the selected time range.
  • Added website and website groups information to Jira integration. When users send an issue to Jira via Acunetix 360, website and website groups information, if any, appears in that ticket.
  • Added a check for the Trend Matrix Report to ignore null records in the database.
  • Improved the method to query known vulnerabilities in Acunetix 360.
  • Changed SCIM response status code from 400 to 409 when the same email address is submitted twice.
  • Added a 400 Error message in the SCIM response status code when a user tries to change its email to a username.
  • Updated the error message when deleting the website during a PCI scan.
  • Added the severity level icons to the websites listed on the Websites' page.


  • Fixed the retest retry limit if the base scan is not loaded.
  • Fixed an email notification error sent to guest users which showed a "Failed - Unable to load scan session" error in the scheduled scans although the scan was successful.
  • Fixed a NullReferenceException thrown while checking target URL in the New Scan page.
  • Fixed password autocomplete issue in the form authentication saved in a scan profile.
  • Fixed an error that prevents the URL Rewrite rule from being updated in the saved scan profile.
  • Fixed an error that prevents scan tags from being shown while creating a scheduling scan.
  • [INTERNAL AGENT] Fixed the Ignore SSL Certificate issue that prevents internal agents from being auto-updated.
  • [INTERNAL AGENT] Improved the performance of security check on cases when multiple checks are running concurrently.