Acunetix 360 On-Demand - v23.10.1

New features

  • Added a setting for administrators to enable internal agents to get VDB updates from the WebApp to avoid routing and proxy issues
  • Added the option for administrators to hide sensitive data (passwords, tokens, session IDs, etc) from the UI
  • Added functionality to the Dashboard so that you can drill down to view more information when clicking on the Severities and Securities Overview section


  • Fixed a bug in scheduling group scans with API
  • Removed 401 to 500 status code conversion for internal agent requests
  • Changed the IP range limitation for excluded IPs in Discovery Settings to fix the Invalid IP address error
  • Fixed an issue with scheduled scans not following the scan time window
  • Fixed the problem with scan failed logs not appearing in activity logs
  • Fixed the broken verify login and logout function in scan profiles
  • Updated the vulnerability severity ranking so that issues are correctly sent to integrated issue tracking systems
  • Changed the Active Issue count on the dashboard so that it is consistent with the number when you click on it
  • Fixed an issue with accessing a scan profile