Acunetix 360 On-Premises - v1.9.1


  • Added support for alternate email for SSO login
  • Added Form authentication Hashicorp Vault integration
  • Added technologies chart to the global dashboard and website dashboard pages
  • Added test credential API endpoint for scan profiles
  • Added Form Auth Custom Scripting feature to the New Scan page
  • Redesigned the login page
  • Redesigned the SSO help text area in the SSO settings page
  • Added an API endpoint for the Updating Issue States
  • Added Travis CI integration
  • Jira integration now supports custom Resolved statuses
  • Kenna integration now supports Asset Application Identifier
  • Agents can now be installed using Linux and a Linux Agent button has been added to the Configure New Agent page
  • Upgraded the scanning engine to version 5.9.027701.


  • Added Out-of-date security checks for the Liferay portal
  • Added Version Disclosure and Out-of-date security checks for Jolokia
  • Added Nested XSS security checks
  • Added an ASP.NET Razor SSTI security check
  • Added a Java Pebble SSTI security check
  • Added a Thymeleaf SSTI security check
  • Added Version Disclosure and Out-of-date security checks for Grafana


  • Added an Issue Update API swagger model improvement
  • New password criterion of a minimum of 15 characters has been imposed on admin and top-level users
  • Improvements have been made to the Form Authentication Test Script screen


  • Fixed the problem of slow Vulnerable Websites per period report on the reporting
  • Fixed the file uploading problem on Imported Links
  • Fixed the Knowledge Base Report's exporting problem
  • Fixed the Yukon time zone problem.
  • Fixed the Imported Links problem.
  • Fixed the problem where the wrong time zone was displaying in Report Templates
  • Moved the Scan Profile Test Credentials API post method fields to the body element
  • Fixed a database file error in the Report Policy Editor
  • Fixed the issue where report policy user changes were not applied when reset.
  • Fixed the Vulnerability Detail page responsiveness problem
  • Fixed the Sitemap Tree View responsiveness problem
  • Fixed the highlighted code focus problem
  • Added help text to the HashiCorp Vault integration page
  • Fixed the bug that occurred when another team member updated the shared profile
  • Fixed a bug that occurred when non-admin users updated profiles
  • The Report policy Editor CVSS scores fields now accept empty values
  • Fixed a server error that occurred while saving a cloned Scan Policy
  • Fixed the problem that occurred when reconfirming the Verify Login and Logout settings