Acunetix 360 On-Premises - v24.2.0

New features

  • Added notifications about agent disk full issues for easier navigation and to prevent scan errors
  • Added an option to the Jenkins integration that stops the scan when the Jenkins build is aborted

New security checks


  • Improved reporting of DOM XSS vulnerabilities


  • Fixed an issue with removing the client certificate via API
  • Fixed an inconsistency for PCI results between the UI and the PCI DSS detailed report
  • Fixed a bug that was causing scan session files to fail when loading
  • Fixed inconsistencies with the 'average time to fix' table on the dashboard
  • Fixed an issue with the form verifier not using the new scan policy until the scan profile is saved
  • Added a custom detailed scan report
  • Fixed a bug in the importing of links
  • Fixed an error that was occurring when setting an issue as Accepted Risk
  • Resolved issues with importing API documentation from a link
  • Resolved issues with the Authentication Verifier and Agent.db file corrupting after update
  • Fixed a bug in the Jenkins plugin that was causing the 'Stop The Scan When Build Fails' option to not work correctly