Acunetix Premium - v14.7.220228146

New Features

  • .NET IAST Sensor (AcuSensor) can now be installed on .NET Core v3 and v5 on Windows (with Kestrel server)
  • Acunetix Scanner updated to support Routes for frameworks supported by the IAST sensors (AcuSensor)
  • Added support for Laravel framework in PHP IAST Sensor (AcuSensor)
  • Added support for CodeIgnitor framework in PHP IAST Sensor (AcuSensor)
  • Added support for Symphony framework in PHP IAST Sensor (AcuSensor)
  • Added support for ASP.NET MVC in .NET Core IAST Sensor (AcuSensor)
  • Added support for Razor Pages in .NET Core in .NET IAST Sensor (AcuSensor)
  • Added support for Web API in .NET Framework and .NET Core IAST Sensors (AcuSensor)
  • Added support for Spring MVC in JAVA IAST Sensor (AcuSensor)
  • Added support for Spring Struts2 in JAVA IAST Sensor (AcuSensor)

New Vulnerability Checks


  • IAST Sensors (AcuSensor) capabilities have been updated to improve the detection of:
    • Arbitrary File Creation
    • Directory Traversal
    • SQL Injection
    • Remote Code Execution
  • Acunetix will start reporting when an old version of the IAST Sensor (AcuSensor) is installed on the web application
  • Considerable update to the handling of CSRF tokens
  • The Vulnerabilities page now includes a unique Vulnerability ID
  • Multiple UI updates
  • Multiple DeepScan updates


  • Fixed issue with Gitlab issue types not showing in UI
  • Fixed issue with Amazon AWS WAF export
  • Fixed several scanner crashes
  • Fixed issue with .NET IAST AcuSensor not working on IIS prior to version 10
  • Fixed issue with Node.js IAST AcuSensor causing web application to stop working
  • Fixed ordering issue caused in PDF Comprehensive reports for multiple scans
  • Fixed timeout issue causing IAST data not to reach the Acunetix scanner