Acunetix Premium - v6.1.20090211

General improvements

  • CSA engine now supposrts jQuery and Yahoo! UI JavaScripts libraries
  • Added component in scanner to search for links in HTML comments and Flash (SWF) strings
  • Created an ASL.1 parser which can parse X509 Certificates
  • Improved Crawler; improved Wivet coverage to 94%
  • Added more JBoss configuration tests
  • Added more Tomcat tests
  • Added more web server configuration checks for server path, internal IP and username/password disclosure
  • Improved RSS/Atom parses
  • Added more attack vectors to source code disclosure and directory traversal tests for both Windows and Unix

Bug Fixes

  • Reporter now filters very long knowledge base items
  • Fixed SSL3, TLS1 parsing issues
  • Fix in Crawler to handle better query variable in start URL’s