Acunetix Premium - v13.0.200508159

New Features

  • Business Logic Recorder - used to record logic used in multi-step forms
  • Export to Citrix WAF
  • Support for Azure DevOps Services issue tracker
  • CVSS3.1 score for most Acunetix vulnerabilities
  • Targets can now be exported to CSV
  • New Graph in Dashboard showing Average vulnerabilities per Target

New Vulnerability Checks


  • Manual Intervention (used for CAPTCHAs, OTP etc) is now using the integrated (web-based) LSR
  • As a result of the previous update, Manual Intervention is now available on Linux
  • Improved error reporting for network scans aborted due to network errors
  • Vulnerability alerts updated to show important information at the top
  • Updated Github issue tracker to support Personal Access Token (PAT) authentication
  • Improved reporting of Paused scans in the UI
  • Improved UI message user triggers a scan which is not allowed due to Manual Intervention
  • API documentation can now be downloaded from within the Acunetix UI
  • Added support for popup windows in the Login Sequence Recorder
  • Improved handling of large import files
  • Improved handling large requests / responses generated from import files
  • Decreased false positives reported for Possible username or password disclosure
  • Truncated large vulnerability alerts when sending to Jira issue tracker


  • Fixed incorrect from email address used for monthly update emails
  • Fixed AcuMonitor UI notification to link to corresponding vulnerability
  • Fixed issue causing vulnerability checks to not be able to send empty values
  • Fixed a number of crashes
  • Fixed issue causing ASP.NET sites to be processed as ASP sites
  • Fixed 2 issues caused when using Swagger import files
  • Improved handling of txt import files using incorrect import format
  • Fixed Session Fixation false positive
  • Fixed UI issue when configuring Custom Cookies
  • Trend charts where not being updated for user accounts
  • Fixed issue in excluded hours
  • Fixed "Client Certificate Not Set" message incorrectly being reported